Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Expose our members to as many disciplinaries of robotics as possible in an environment that encourages self-directed learning and the freedom to experiment.

Ultimately, we wish to cultivate our shared passion for robotics together, such that every member can contribute to a society where automation and AI is becoming increasingly commonplace.

Our Values


To us, versatility connotates adaptability with agility. Ultimately, we want our members to not only adapt WELL, but also adapt FAST. A truly versatile member fears no foreign environment, for he is an effective and efficient problem solver that is able to think creatively and critically.


As a completely self-reliant CCA with no external trainer, our members have to commit more time and effort to figure things out as we alone, are responsible for our successes and failures. Self-directedness requires a commitment to self-reflection and flexible expectations of ourselves.


We hope that all members can embrace the interdisciplinary nature of robotics and commit themselves to continual learning to expand their skillset. While it isn't bad to specialise, we hope that all members can become competent in multiple fields of robotics eventually.


Commitment is more than just showing up for training sessions on time or staying back for long hours to finish a robot. We aim to cultivate all members to work fast, smart, and in a focused manner so that their time in the lab is utilised efficiently.


We want our members to set high standards for themselves and uphold them. This includes being responsible for their own contributions to the team when preparing for competitions and maintaining the standards of the CCA as a senior member.


When our members take pride in their work, they develop a sense of ownership, which translates to higher quality of work. We also want our members to take pride in being a Hwa Chong Robotics member as it lets them cherish their membership in the club.