About Us

Who we are

Hwa Chong Robotics Club (HCRC) comprises both High School and Junior College students from Hwa Chong Institution, Singapore, who all share a strong passion for robotics.

Members across the six different year groups collaborate by learning, training and competing together in a completely self-directed manner without any external trainers.

With a long and rich history, HCRC has grown to become a powerhouse in Singapore’s robotics scene, representing Singapore on the international stage multiple times across different robotics platforms.

What we do

We build robots (of course) for various competitions! We are the only school-based robotics club in Singapore that specializes across three major robotics competitions, namely RoboCup, VEX and LEGO (NRC/WRO).

Every member will have annual competition opportunities and teams have full autonomy over the construction of their robots. Teams that perform well enough in nationals can also participate in the international-level competitions.

Other than competitions, we are also engaged in outreach programmes, both intra-school and to the community, to share our knowledge and expertise with others.

Within the school, we have started a mentorship programme for students who are conducting engineering research projects, helping them with anything from learning 3D modelling to using electronic parts.

We are also running courses teaching how to build an RC car that reach out to underprivileged students, thus giving them the opportunity to be exposed to the world of robotics. <USE THIS EVENT FOR PIC?>

During less busy seasons, we encourage members to apply the skills they have gained from competitions to their own personal projects. 

With abundant resources and support from other members, many interesting projects have emerged such as creating micro-drone swarms, making our own 3D printer and even constructing a life-sized humanoid robot (which was eventually used for the RoboCup OnStage competition).

Where we work

Our robotics lab is located at the Old Heritage Centre (OHC), a spacious, air-conditioned, two-storey building well-stocked with tools and robot parts. The OHC is situated between the Kah Kee Hall and Gymnasium in the High School section.

We also own another large storeroom nearby, which is used as our workshopping area for more heavy-duty power tools.